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mister n : a form of address for a man [syn: Mr]

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mistier trade, office, ministry, need, métier trade, from ministerium service, office, ministry; or as a weak pronunciation of "master".



  1. Title of respect conferred on a man, with or without a surname added.
    You may sit here, mister.
    You may sit here, Mister Jones.
    • 1855, George Musalas Colvocoresses, Four Years in the Government Exploring Expedition, J. M. Fairchild & co., page 358:
      Fine day to see sights, gentlemen. Well, misters, here's the railing round the ground, and there's the paling round the tomb, eight feet deep, six feet long, and three feet wide.
    • 1908, Jack Brand, By Wild Waves Tossed: An Ocean Love Story, The McClure Company, page 90:
      There's only three misters aboard this ship, or, rather, there's only two.
  2. Official title of a military man, usually anyone below rank of captain.
  3. Official form of address of a president of a nation; Mr. President.
  4. A warrant officer or cadet in the United States Military Academy at West Point.
  5. An informal title used before a nickname or other moniker:
    Mister Suave; Mister Baseball
  6. A device that makes or sprays mist.
    Odessa D. uses a mister Sunday to fight the 106-degree heat at a NASCAR race in Fontana, California.

Usage notes

When followed by a surname, “mister” usually changes to the abbreviated form, “Mr.”.


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Probably from ministerium.


mister m



  1. present tense of mista

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Mister may refer to:
  • The full spelling of the title Mr.
  • A device that makes or sprays mist
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